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License for conducting banking operations with funds in rubles and foreign currency for Settlement Non-bank Cedit Organizations dated January 22, 2021 No.2877-K.

License No. 077-13164-000100 of a professional securities market participant for performing depository activities.

License No. 077-13160-010000 of a professional securities market participant to carry out dealer activities;

License No. 077-13158-100000 of a professional securities market participant for brokerage activities;

Extract from the Protokol of the Board of Directors of Self-regulatory organisation «National Finance Association» (SRO NFA) about the entry of CB «Metallurg» LLC into SRO NFA dated August 29, 2016

Foreign account tax compliance act (FATCA)

SNCO «Metallurg» LLC passed the registration procedure with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ( with the Type of participant «Participating Foreign Financial Institution (Participating FFI)» and received the Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN): 9SCI63.99999.SL.643.


Services for organizations and individual entrepreneurs

Opening and maintaining accounts

Cash service

Manage the account through Internet-Bank

Currency control under conducting foreign economic operations

Storage of valuables

Secure storage of valuables and documents in a specially equipped Bank cells

Services to individuals

Transfer of funds without opening a bank account

Storage of valuables

Individual bank cells are a reliable and convenient form for storing as well as for working with valuables and documents

Operations with gold

Buying and selling investment coins

Highly liquid and low-risk investments into investment coins are an ideal means of accumulation

Stock market operations

Online trading

Convenient and fast access to self securities trading

Depository services

Accounting for securities rights is a necessary addition to online trading

Contact information

SNCO «Metallurg» LLC
Location:16A Ivana Babushkina str., Moscow, 117292, Russian Federation

Multi-channel Phone: +7 (495) 785-70-75

Time of service of legal entities:
Monday- Thursday 10 am-16 pm;
Friday and pre-holidays 10 am-15 pm

Time of service of individuals:
Monday- Thursday 10 am-17 pm;
Friday and pre-holidays 10 am-16 pm


Information about persons under the significant influence or control of which SNCO «Metallurg» LLC
is over (corresponds to the information sent on February 16, 2021 to the Bank of Russia for posting on the official website of the Bank of Russia)

Disclosure of information in accordance with the Instruction of the Bank of Russia dated December 28, 2015 No. 3921-U.

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